The Poet from the Peaks

Poet and Specialist Poetry Teacher

Welcome to Andy Tooze

‘The Poet from the Peaks!’

For more images please click this link  → “andy tooze poet”

andy2“Andy Tooze ran exceptional workshops where the children were both enchanted and educated. They were the best I have seen in more than thirty years in education.”


Val Carman, Junction Arts




“I’ll be really sorry to miss assembly and hearing the work inspired by you read aloud, but also not to be able to say thank you in person for the fantastic week you have given our children.  The comments I have heard from children and staff, the pleading for money from mums to buy a book, the notebooks suddenly appearing in shirt pockets and the buzz you have created has truly been a joy.  You have made connections with some of our children that we would not have thought possible.  They have been inspired to write, and that in itself is a wonderful thing! 
Thank you – we have really enjoyed working with you.”

Comments from Kingsland CE Academy Stoke on Trent


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